Can't take your cat with you when you head out of town? Let us come to them. Once food, water and litterbox duties are complete, we  do what your cat tells us to: snuggles, play, staring at eachother from across the room... it's up to them! Basic home care duties, such as mail collection, newspaper retrieval and watering plants, can also be arranged.

1 x 45 minute visit/day: $25

2 x 45 minute visits/day: $45

Time-sensitive medication to be administered?

Please add $5/visit to meet your time requirements

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Vacation visits

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Have a cat-social cat who can't stay home? Send them to us! They will have full run of the home and a couple of cat buddies to play with through their stay. Plus, a warm human to snuggle up to at night.


​Discounts available for extended stays

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