Deirdre may be "the dog lady" by day (and sometimes overnight), but she's a certified cat lady all the time! Having been owned by cats since the day she was born, she has seen her share of special kitty behaviour, both wanted and unwanted.

Deirdre took a particular interest in feline behaviour after she adopted Neo, a fearful Seal Point Siamese kitten. Since then, she has seen and dealt with just about it all: inter-cat aggression, litterbox avoidance, spraying, PICA, cat-cat introductions, dog-cat introductions... the list goes on and on.

​While continuing education options are limited, Deirdre strives to stay up to date on all things cat behaviour through seminars & webinars:

  • Using Negative Reinforcement to Work With Scaredy Cats
  • Cat Nutrition and the Relationship Between Food and Behaviour
  • Social Organization and Communication in the Cat
  • ​Handling Aggressive Cats
  • ​Compulsive Grooming Issues
  • ​Help for Aging Cats: Behavioral, Environmental, and Medical Management
  • ​​Litter Box Problems
  • Multi Cat Households
  • ​​Social Organization and Communication in the Cat​​

While you might not appreciate the behaviour your cat is exuding, they're doing it for a reason. There's always a reason! What they're doing is easy to see, but why they're doing it can be tough to figure out. That's where Deirdre comes in.

Your session will include:

  • an extensive interview plus tour & assessment of your cat's environment
  • ​immediate plan of action in overcoming the behaviour challenge(s)
  • ​a written assessment and summary of recommendations
  • unlimited e-mail support for two months following the consult

​​Initial Consultation

Additional visits can be arranged at a reduced rate, if needed.

Please note: a veterinary exam may be required before a behaviour consultation can be scheduled, especially in the case of any sudden on-set behaviour change.

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