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  • Canine ​​Behaviour Science & Technology (Dip. CBST)* -

​          Companion Animal Sciences Institute

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) - 

​          Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers 

  • SIRIUS® Dog Trainer Academy - Dr. Ian Dunbar

  • Science Based Training (with Feeling) - Dr. Ian Dunbar

  • Growl Class for Reactive Dogs - Dr. Ian Dunbar

  • Helping Fearful Dogs - Nicole Wilde

  • Dealing with Excessive Barking - Irith Bloom

  • Separation Anxiety - Nicole Wilde

  • ​Fear Free Veterinary Visits - Mikkel Becker

  • Creative Solutions to Common Behaviour Problems - Irith Bloom

  • Canine Neuroscience - Simon Gadbois

  • Using Classical Conditioning to Resolve Leash Aggression - Kathy Sdao

  • Positive Applications of Negative Reinforcement - Irith Bloom

  • Dynamics of Dog-Dog Play - Nicole Wilde

  • Canine Vaccines & Vaccination Programs - Dr. Ron Schultz​

Deirdre loves training dogs! It thrills her to see wagging tails and bright eyes as each dog uses their mind to learn all the crazy things we humans want to teach. And it gives her just as much joy to see owners delighted by their dogs' new tricks and behaviour changes. 

Deirdre has a particular interest in working with dogs who have fear challenges. From separation anxiety to stranger danger to veterinary clinic angst, Deirdre has helped a number of dogs, including her own, overcome their terrors. There is little more rewarding than seeing a dog go from outright panicked to choosing that thing they were previously panicked about. 

Deirdre has been a guest on CBC radio to discuss dog behaviour and was the dog trainer for Royal City Musical Theatre's production of Annie.

As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Deirdre is always looking to expand her knowledge. She regularly attends seminars & workshops on a variety of canine topics to stay up to date on the science of our dogs.

dog trainer

​Deirdre offers one-on-one training sessions as well as day training sessions at your home for both adult dogs and puppies. Starting our work where you and your dog are most relaxed, least distracted, and able to focus will set you both of up for success. Each lesson is geared to what you want and need to learn. We will move to more distracting or fear-inducing locations as your dog is capable.

No group classes? Not here. Deirdre's experience with group classes, both as an instructor and a student, has been a bit like holding an AA meeting in a bar - too many distractions and temptations that inhibit learning. Not to mention, putting together a bunch of dogs at different levels of learning and asking them to all be on the same page? Choas! Can you imagine a class full of first through eighth graders? It just doesn't work as well as we would like it to. Deirdre wants you to get the most out of your valuable time and money spent so starting with privates is ideal. Once your dog can focus on you, even surrounded by distractions, and has strong impulse control, classes are an excellent option to enhance training.

Contact Deirdre to discuss and find the most suitable option for your dog today!

dog trainer new westminster