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pee breaks

2-4 hikes/week: $23/hike

5 hikes/week: $21/hike

Drop-in/Weekend/Stat Holidays: $26/hike

Additional dog(s) from the same home: +$15/dog

**Services listed above are not available for dogs left unattended overnight**

Have a puppy not old enough for group hikes or a senior that can't quite make longer walks anymore that just needs a quick break? A trip down the block or some play in the yard gives them the chance to get their business done.


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private walks

A great option for dogs who are still developing their off leash skills or just aren't so fond of other dogs. We will walk from your home around their familiar area, reinforcing good leash manners throughout the walk.

Have an energetic, social pup on your hands? Group off leash hikes are the perfect break from their quiet day at home! 60-90 minutes of running through the trails, sniffing and playing with their friends while working on/reinforcing their recall, appropriate greetings with people & dogs and mutual play will leave your dog tired and content for the rest of the day.

30mins - $25/walk

60mins - $35/walk

Additional dog(s) from the same home: +$5/dog

dog walker new westminster

Group hikes